About Us

VP Network Overview & History

The Valley Professionals Network (VP Network) was started over 20 years ago when a group of friends, having visited other networking groups, became dissatisfied with the multitude of rules and regulations that normally abound in these organizations, the friends decided to form a group of pure friends: no dues; no rules — except those of common sense and professionalism.

VP members represent a variety of disciplines and specialties including law, accounting, banking and finance, insurance, contracting, home and automobile services and general consulting. Some are sole practitioners or members of boutique firms; others practice within large organizations.

Need Services and Products?

Valley Professionals Network members protect and grow the wealth of individuals and serve businesses ranging from small companies to the Fortune 500. You can browse our Valley Professionals Network Member Directory for descriptions of the various services available within our network and company contact information.

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If you are interested in joining, first check our list of current services offered.